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CLIMA is a link between its thousands of members and customers. We highlight the cooperation with overseas customers to provide them excellent projects solutions based on a depth understanding of their needs and goals. We acquired rich experience in constructing international engineering projects, exporting complete plants and providing turn key projects. Our business covers all the diverse fields of industry such as energy engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, metallic materials engineering, non metallic materials engineering, textile industry, food beverage industry, wood and bamboo industry, waste recycling industry, paper milling and printing industry, plastic industry, traffic and transportation, building constructions, …etc.

Approved by State Economic and Trade Committee and registered in ministry of civil affairs, China Light Industry Machinery Association (CLIMA) was officially found on March 1989.

CLIMA (TPTD) is the exclusive executive trading company of China Light Industry Machinery Association (CLIMA). TPTD has been working on importing, exporting and overseas projects for many years. We have made an annual turnover around USD1.7 billion, 40% to 60% of which comes from overseas projects. With a solid worldwide reputation, TPTD has built up business relationships with more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

 We, CLIMA, believe everyone aspires to success. Our mission is to help businessman around the world realize his aspiration and achieve his goal.

Existing Market and Agent Distribution

Existing Market
Asia: Saudi Arabia  Kuwait  India  Thailand   Dubai   Jordan  Monaco  Jordan  Monaco  Iraq  Malaysia  Bangladesh  Afghanistan
Africa:  Nigeria Algeria   Libya   Morocco   Uganda   Botswana  Zambia  Ghana
America:  American Canada Chile Peru
Europe:  UK Poland Ukraine Latvia
Oceania:  Australia Fiji New Zealand Papau New Guinea

Agent Distribution
1. Saudi Arabia
2. Monaco
3. UK
4. Nigeria
5. Ukraine
6. Morocco

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