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1, China railway wagons Technology Brief History

Since the founding of New China, China has experienced in railway wagons two stages, to achieve three major upgrading. The first stage was from 1949 to 1957 in imitation of foreign products stage, the second stage is from 1957 to date to design, innovation stage. In this; two stages, Chinese railway wagons to achieve three major upgrading.

1) From 1956 to 1957, P13 type boxcar new China's first self-designed and load 30 tons in Qiqihar truck halted in China, marking the Chinese railway wagons achieved by a 30-ton payload to 50 tons for the first time upgrading.

2) from 1976 to 1978, load 60 tons C62A gondola in Qiqihar completed 50-ton truck and truck halted in China, marking the Chinese rail wagons to achieve a 50-ton truck to a second 60-ton upgrade.

3) From 2003 to 2006, 70 to 80-ton load of new speed, heavy-duty trucks and truck successfully developed 60-ton truck halted in China, marking the Chinese railway wagon load achieved by the 60-ton to 80-ton to 70 , 70 to 80 kilometers per hour by the third generation major upgrade to the 100 to 120 kilometers.

2, the achievements of the past decade

From 1998 to 2002, introduction and assimilation of American railway wagons cross - supporting advanced technology, developed the world's advanced level, speed of 120 kilometers K2 bogie and P65 type Package Express boxcar series speed trucks, creating a Chinese precedent speed railway wagons; finished both trucks 120Km / h speed reconstruction and experimental design, opened a Chinese railway wagons God speed the new one.

From 2003 to 2004 the U.S. aluminum technology introduction, digestion and F-type coupler technology for the Datong-Qinhuangdao line load 80 ton C80 aluminum alloy, C80B stainless steel heavy-duty truck development and 20,000 t Heavy Train laid an important technical foundation .

1) developed a 80-ton truck C80 aluminum alloy, C80B stainless steel coal car to meet the Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway Line 20,000 tons of heavy haul trains transport requirements, opening up a new era of China's railway transport overloaded, making China Railway overloaded technology further into the ranks of the world's most advanced, to the Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway traffic jumped from 100 million tons to 400 million tons from 2 to provide logistical support.

2) developed with independent intellectual property rights of 70-ton truck C70, C70A, C70B gondola, P70 type boxcar, X4K type container flat-bottomed cars and KM70A open coal cars, KM70B stainless steel coal hopper car, L70 grain hopper cars and other new vehicles to achieve a 60-ton Chinese railway wagons to 70-ton truck, from the 70 to 80 km per hour to 120 kilometers of comprehensive upgrading.

3) developed speed bogie of K2 completed both trucks 120Km / h speed modification technology solutions designed to enhance the existing technical performance of rapid railway wagons, rewritten Chinese railway truck 40 long years at 70 ~ 80Km / h wandering history, opened a new chapter in China's railway speed.

4) developed a load of 350 to 450 tons hole car, truck 350 to 380 tons clamping cars, trucks 320 to 370 tons depressed center flat car, truck combined grew from 260 to 450 tons of goods vehicles, to fill a number of domestic blank reached the leading domestic and international advanced level, with a record of four most of China Railway. Among them, the hole car load 450 tons, is China's and Asia's largest specialty truck load, but also the deadweight largest hole car in the world.

5) developed 25 to 30 tons of baggage Australia, New Zealand and other countries 3 * 20ft container trucks, five unit articulated container car, C25 grain hopper cars and C32 coal hopper cars, 35.7 ~ 40 tons baggage stainless steel ore car, achieved a breakthrough in the export of the whole truck, sent to the world to achieve the Chinese export volume to the national aspiration of the whole railway wagons, showing the world the comprehensive strength of China railway wagon manufacturing.

6) developed 21 tons axle load speed bogie of K2 and K6 turn 25 tons axle load bogie low-power role, has become China's main railway bogie new truck. 25 to 40 tons axle bogie cross, is China's main railway bogie truck export. 21 to 25 tons axle load 2-axis, 3 axis, 4-axis, 5-axis welding truck to meet the domestic demand grew development of special vehicles. Reserves developed heavy-duty trucks 30 tons axle bogies, 160Km / h fast freight car bogies.

7) introduction and assimilation of the U.S. E, F-type coupler technology and to achieve full localization, development of high strength drawbar, forged coupler yoke, modular reload speed large-capacity buffer such as buffer coupler parts, initially built up a domestic railway technology platform truck outside the machine development.

8) stainless steel welded body of new technologies to fill the empty railway wagon manufacturing technology, driven by the domestic railway wagons weathering steel welding technology to enhance the level of synchronization; pillow frame the whole cast of new technology to effectively improve the safety and reliability of castings; braking system module assembly technology has revolutionized the traditional production organization practices. Improved brake parts manufacturing and assembly quality.

9) took four years to complete the load 70 tons, 80 tons of new trucks and truck load 60 tons accelerate the transformation of 360,000 km loop line 120Km / h continuous operational reliability "long-distance" test, in order to 120Km / h freight trains operating experience accumulated ; conducted experimental study load railway wagons, opened a new prologue Chinese railway wagons fatigue reliability studies; railway trucks made ​​in basic research new upgrade. 


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