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Railway wagon Component include: body, railway car chassis, running gear, couplers and buffer device, the braking system of five parts.
Body: is above the car, and to accommodate cargo.
Car chassis: body floor below the carrying frame.
Running Gear: generally two bogies, each two wheel between the bogie and the vehicle chassis is live then, that the body and the car is placed on the truck chassis.
Coupler and buffer device: coupler is used to connect the vehicle, buffer means to alleviate the link and take the line of vehicles in the collision force.
Brakes: including duct, cylinders, brake cylinders, brake levers, brake shoe, exhaust valve.

In addition to the above there are buses outside part of the distribution system, air conditioning systems, water supply systems, lighting systems.

More than just the general structure of the vehicle, there are some special vehicle structure is more complicated, if only for the understanding of the above content should be enough.


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