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INDEX >> NEWS >> Our Single Railway Wagon can Load more than 100 Tons

April 8, China has independently developed by a new generation of high-power electric locomotive harmony in China CNR Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (with the car company) and successfully completed the trial off the assembly line. The electric locomotive axle load of 30 tons, towing capacity 20% higher than the existing harmony with the power electric locomotives, railway wagons in one fell swoop of a single-car load capacity jumped from "70-80 tons era" to "one hundred tons era. "Its indicators have reached the international advanced level, called the China Railway generation "Super Hercules."

The new generation of "Super Hercules" in the core technology and key equipment fully achieved autonomy innovative design and manufacturing, is China's first with independent intellectual property rights, to a large international heavy axle load locomotive standard sense.

Axle load is an indicator of the load capacity of rail cargo compartment, the greater the axle load, the higher the train load and load capacity, towing capacity is stronger. Our existing harmonious axle electric locomotive were 25 tons or less, the ability to continue to improve traction locomotives, locomotive axle must improve. 2012, large axle electric locomotive was included in the national "863" key project, led by the same car companies undertake development work on the project. During the two-year period, with the car companies to take advantage of high-power electric locomotives have been built R & D platform technology for large-axle locomotives conducted in-depth research, especially for locomotives and power lines, bridges and other facilities truck vehicle issues, conducted extensive research and calculations confirmed, have a great deal of scientific data, to capture a series of technical problems. Locomotive on the core technology and key equipment, the full realization of autonomy innovative design and manufacturing, is China's first with independent intellectual property rights, to a large international heavy axle load locomotive standard sense.

The large axle electric locomotive off the assembly line for the harmonious D2F type locomotive total power of 9600 kilowatts, either existing railway line run using 27 tons axle load can also use a dedicated railway line 30 tons axle load mode. Under the same power, the large axle electric locomotive traction capability 20% higher than the existing harmonious locomotives, freight locomotives that each column can be more traction 15-20 wagon, cargo tonnage levels of energy consumption per unit achieved effectively reduced, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

In the design of large-axle locomotives, with the car company also combined with our unique railroad operating environment, using the locomotive chassis and equipment such as gantry integrated design approach to enhance the carrying capacity of locomotives to improve locomotive on a variety of lines adaptability. Especially for the impact of fog and haze brought to the railway operation, with the car company on the big axle electric locomotive flash successfully developed two anti-fog solution to ensure safe use of the locomotive in the fog and haze. In addition, the company has further enhanced with the car locomotive technology design reliability, and enhance the stability and practicality of electric locomotive in the dust, freezing rain, cold and high temperature and other climatic conditions of operation. Large axle electric locomotive cab also features a new design, locomotive driver's environment is more humane, comfort and aesthetic level comparable limousine.

Currently, the United States, Australia and other traditional powers have been successfully opened railway line large axle overloaded trains to achieve the lifting rail transport performance. China's first large-axle railway Shanxi South railway corridor has been completed and opened soon, while a number of heavy-duty construction approved by the State railway corridor, large axle AC drive electric locomotive will usher in a broad market space. In the existing railway line and gradually open the big-power electric locomotive axle load, for the rapid increase in rail freight capacity and enhance the competitiveness of rail transport will also have an important role in promoting its role in boosting economic and social development has been highlighted. With the car company made ​​large axle electric locomotive successfully developed, marking China CNR has successfully opened the door overloaded railway locomotive technology of high-end, following the summit of the high-speed rail technology industry summit, China's heavy rail technology also successfully entered the industry leader phalanx.

With the car company is one of China's railway development, and manufacturing of electric locomotives core industrial base, with a state-level enterprise technical centers and include digital sheet preparation, unitized body manufacturing, streamlined locomotive assembly tests seven leading international electric locomotive production lines, railway lines have been provided for our high-power electric locomotive harmony over a thousand units, and the first to achieve high-power electric locomotive exports to the European high-end market. 


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