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INDEX >> NEWS >> Russia Has Great Needs of Railway Wagon

In the context of the 2010 mining of raw materials in Russia's industrial production growth and growth of major railway transport industry began to recover. 2010 Russia's rail transport cargo- railway wagon turnover expanded 7.8%, an increase of 8.8% loading.

Unfortunately, the high growth rate barely into the medium term. Loading of the second half of 2010 the growth rate slowed sharply. In later years, the modest projected GDP growth in Russia and the development of most of the raw materials more slowly the industry, will lead to reduced cargo growth rate to 2.5-3% per year. The greatest impact on the cargo turnover dynamic effect is due to a new oil pipeline put into use to predict loading will be reduced.

However, according to the Trade Marketing Research survey, even in the case of cargo turnover above moderate growth, but also need to market more than 30 million new freight cars. Demand for cars is not only due to the growth of cargo, but also out of the car to lose provisions applicable deadlines and close to the maximum period of use and quick to stop using.

Although the cargo growth should be in almost all major market areas, the corresponding type of freight cars to market conditions, will vary depending on the starting point and a big difference. High demand for gondola from 2011 began to maintain a certain period and a slight downward trend, the demand for new oil petrol tanker on the contrary, will be substantially reduced in 2011. However, in all major market areas, taking into account the investment projects being implemented, car manufacturers production capacity will be sufficient to meet demand.

At the same time, Russia will continue to import cars from the CIS countries, while Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan due to the development of new production capacity, car exports to Russia will be reduced. 


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