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Railway wagon in the application process, the parts will gradually wear, corrosion, and damage to the quality of the Railway wagon often in good condition, to ensure road safety and extend the life of the Railway wagon, the Railway wagon must carry out various checks on the railway and repair work.

Two prevailing international inspection regime: one is planned preventive repair system. First, find out the damage when that law the main components of the Railway wagon, and then determine its period of use, and then determine a reasonable structure and maintenance cycle maintenance cycle on this basis, so that damage to the Railway wagon resulting in the use of parts not yet reached the limit, you can to be repaired. Another technique is based on the state of repair of the Railway wagon system. That is the life of the device is working, the operation of the equipment in accordance with the provisions of the state values ​​to monitor its operating parameters, as long as the equipment operating parameters specified gauge value within the state, they all do not overhaul. When operating parameters outside the specified state clearance value, in accordance with the process of repair, to restore it to the specified state value after continued use. Achieve effective service life of equipment is to be updated. This repair system under the premise of guaranteed safety equipment, transport equipment, give full play to the potential inherent in an attempt to reduce the maintenance workload to a minimum. This is the advanced state of repair, but also Chinese railway Railway wagon maintenance system will be gradually implemented.

At present, China's railway Railway wagon plan to implement preventive repair system, according to the repair is divided into two types of regular maintenance and routine maintenance. The so-called regular maintenance, refers to the use of the Railway wagon, at regular intervals, carry out maintenance work once a certain content. Regular maintenance can be planned to use the Railway wagon to restore function and maintain good technical condition, and to ensure arrival before in a regular maintenance, no major faults. Bus regular maintenance repair process for factory repair, depot repair and minor three. Regular maintenance truck repair process for factory repair, depot repair, minor axis seized four.

Factory repair is to conduct a comprehensive inspection and thorough Railway wagon repair and modernization transformation necessary. The purpose is to restore basic technical performance of the Railway wagon so that the Railway wagon after repair nearly new office level. Technical quality of the main components in a segment should be able to ensure the normal use of the repair period. Factory repair in general Railway wagon repair plant, if necessary, can be carried out in the conditional depot.

Segment Railway wagon repair is a comprehensive examination, focusing on analysis. Railway wagon inspection unit focuses decomposition running gear, coupler buffer device and brake devices. Eliminate hidden faults, repair damage, wear parts; required replacement of worn parts is too limited to prevent the failure to expand. The purpose is to maintain the basic Railway wagon performance and extend the life of the Railway wagon, to ensure the safe operation of the Railway wagon. Technical quality of the main components should be able to guarantee a segment repair period. Segment in the depot repair performed.

Minor mainly brakes and crankcase oil lubrication device for a Railway wagon repair, while the other auxiliary parts repair, to ensure that these components maintained in good condition in the use. Minor passenger buses in general preparedness of the garage to stay within time; minor maintenance truck in the (line) were.

Minor axis detection is based on the requirements of the crankcase oil lubrication device for a Railway wagon and other parts for repairs. Abstract seized axle repair line at the station, do not pick axle inspection carried out in the train. Two shaft inspection should ensure that in the next axle box oiling device failure does not occur before the minor expired.

Railway wagon maintenance Railway wagon routine maintenance task is to ensure that the Railway wagon is in good technical condition in the use, to prevent accidents and ensure traffic safety. Characteristics of China is more than the number of railway wagons, hybrid models are generally not fixed attachment to the grassroots level, so the mobility, the use of conditions uneven. If we do not carry out checks and maintenance on the truck, will endanger traffic safety. Trucks daily maintenance includes checking and troubleshooting technical aspects. Technical inspection is to check the state of the art truck and found that the fault should be promptly pick or do not pick the car repair car repairs. Do not pick the car repair (Figure 3.4_01 Railway wagon maintenance) is the use of a Railway wagon stop time, without affecting the disintegration of the job or punctual departure of the train to the hair line, shunting lines or cargo line for repair work. Making it difficult for some of the larger repair faults, the faults of the Railway wagon must take off from the train and sent to a dedicated line or a temporary repair to repair the repair station, called Abstract car repair. Routine maintenance trucks seized by and borne by the column repair stations and other units. The basic task is to train inspection of the arrival, departure and transit trains in the Railway wagon technical inspection and repair, is also responsible for revised deduction expired Railway wagon inspection. Repair stations are located there by train inspection station, its task is to pick the car for truck repairs performed, inspection and minor axis.

Routine maintenance of passenger cars including the Railway wagon before reaching the terminal or at the departure station of departure, the technical inspection conducted preparedness library, routine maintenance and cleaning preparedness operations. Passenger train passenger train inspection along the way by being responsible for the technical inspection and do not pick the car repair. Also on the passenger train also has a crew Railway wagon, Railway wagon technical maintenance work on the way. Routine maintenance work focused on the passenger train passenger compiled station, carried on passenger locomotive replacement. The technical preparedness by bus, the passenger train and Railway wagon maintenance inspection car ride group shared package.

There is a limit on Railway wagon maintenance Railway wagon maintenance, which is an extremely important Railway wagon maintenance standards, referring to the Railway wagon maintenance, Railway wagon parts allow for the existence of the extent of damage. Used in routine maintenance overhaul limits to determine whether the continued use of parts, quality is satisfactory with the regular maintenance overhaul limits to determine whether parts need repair and overhaul later. Standard size limits overhaul numerical majority is represented by the extent of damage Railway wagon components, such as wear, corrosion, cracking, peeling, scratches, deformation, cracks and travel between etc, can be represented by varying sizes. Railway wagon Maintenance limits by using the occasion into use different limits and middle limits. Use limits also called train inspection limits or maximum, is the degree of damage to Railway wagon parts have reached the limit damage, more than the required size, must be repaired replaced. Intermediate limit refers to a variety of regular Railway wagon maintenance overhaul limits, should be controlled.

Determine an overhaul limits, must be on the working conditions, damage surveys and analysis of the law and other systems, combined with long-term experience and reasonable and technically advanced, such as the economy, after a comprehensive analysis comparing OK.

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