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The main components of the railway vehicle
Many types of railway vehicles, construction varies, but the structural principle analysis, vehicles generally are the following five components:
First, the body and the car chassis
Is part of the body to accommodate passengers or cargo, solid mounted in the vehicle chassis. Is the basis of the body frame of the vehicle body, the longitudinal beams and transverse beams of various components. Body formed integrally with the body frame, supported on the bogie.
Second, the bogie
By two or more pairs of wheels, and mounting springs and other components to form a separate trolley structure, known bogie.
Role: steering mounted in the lower part of the car chassis, is to take the line part of the vehicle, which bear the weight of the vehicle and exercise on the rail.
Third, the coupler buffer device
The coupler and buffer device and other components mounted on the body frame at both ends of the beam.
Role: The locomotives even hang together as a group of train and pass traction and ease the impact of each vehicle.
40, the brake means
Brake function is to ensure that high-speed trains running can slow down and stop within the distance specified.
Fifth, the vehicle interior equipment
Vehicle equipment mainly refers to passengers traveling on the bus must be equipment, such as water supply, heating, ventilation, lighting and air-conditioning and other devices. Truck interior equipment is generally more simple, the main subsidiary of the device according to the purpose of each truck designed for.


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