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INDEX >> NEWS >> Introduction of China Special Purpose Railway Wagon

In railway wagons, the general will of livestock cars, ore cars, cement trucks, food trucks, drug vehicles, container vehicles and cargo vehicles grew designated as special trucks. Special trucks generally only one or very few of several cargo transport, uses relatively simple, requires a vehicle loaded with cargo weight or dimensions more unified.

1963 China began to design and manufacture special J2 type of livestock vehicles. This car mainly for long-distance shipment of livestock pig purposes, can also be shipped chickens, ducks and other poultry, load of 15t.

K series of hopper car. Not only the beginning of the hopper car shipments of ore, but also shipping cement, food and so on. Later after a reasonable subdivision, the shipment of cement stereotyped as U series vehicles, the vehicle will be shipped to food styling for L series, the original K series as ore cars.

Powdered air cargo unloading dump schematic structural type K19 U60 dump ore hopper car type

In order to meet the needs of large-scale production of metallurgical enterprises, 1967-1972 designed trial of transport between the storage tank mine ore crushing 95 tons K19-type dump hopper cars used in mining ore to.

U series of bulk cement truck is started designing in 1967, when named as UXY type 60 tons of powdered air cargo unloading. After improving the stereotypes of the U60-type dump powdered air cargo unloading, loading marking to 58t, volume was changed to 48m3. Recently, a low center of gravity design and manufacture of gas unloading cement tanker, still stereotyped as UXY type, but the tank has been changed to horizontal.

Low center of gravity UXY cement truck L18-type gas discharge grain hopper car

L series grain hopper cars in the L18-type grain hopper car, truck 60t, the volume of 85m3.

W6-type drugs car X6B type container trucks

W series cars in the latest production of the drug is W6 type drugs cars, shipping pesticides, and IMDG Class 8 in toxic chemicals and other toxic substances on the 9th posted signs. Load 60t, the volume of 126m3, construction speed of 120km / h.

Others include X-Series trucks and other containers. 


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