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Insulation Railway Wagon (also known as refrigerated trucks) are transported fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and other perishable goods, special vehicles. These goods are in transit need to maintain a certain temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions, heat insulation material fitted the car body, the car has a cooling device, a heating device, temperature measurement devices and ventilation devices, with refrigeration , insulation and heating three kinds of performance. Insulation Railway Wagon body exterior painted silver to facilitate sunlight reflection, reduce radiant heat. Chinese-made car with a refrigerator cars insulation insulation and mechanical Insulation Railway Wagon into two categories.

insulation railway wagon

B11-type Insulation Railway Wagon appearance and structure diagram refrigerator Insulation Railway Wagon can be divided into the car roof side refrigerator refrigerator type two, the difference between these two heated car that set the location and interior refrigerator air circulation in different directions. Mechanical Insulation Railway Wagon by the structure, there is a single mechanical Insulation Railway Wagons and mechanical Insulation Railway Wagon group (including goods vehicles and machines Cold Cold generator car). By way of mechanical power and cooling Insulation Railway Wagon can be divided into three categories: one, centralized power supply, centralized refrigeration car group - the whole train car from centralized power generation, refrigeration car centralized refrigeration, using ammonia as a refrigerant, brine for refrigerants ; 2, centralized power supply, separate refrigeration car group - from centralized power generation car, each car is equipped with cold cargo refrigeration equipment, refrigeration alone, the use of freon as a refrigerant, forced air circulation; 3, a single mechanical Insulation Railway Wagon - each vehicle are equipped with electricity and refrigeration equipment, you can power and cooling alone can also use centralized power supply. China Railway Insulation Railway Wagon models are: refrigerator-type Insulation Railway Wagon B11, B14, B16, B17, and mechanical Insulation Railway Wagon B18, B19, B21, B23 and so on.

insulation railway car

B23 B23 type Insulation Railway Wagon type five knots mechanical Insulation Railway Wagon group consists of a power car and four Cold Cold goods vehicles. Mechanical insulation Insulation Railway Wagon refrigerator car than the advantages are:

- All vehicles are able to maintain a uniform temperature and humidity requirements, and easier to regulate and control, can fully guarantee the quality of transport of goods;

- Does not require the use of ice and ice did not prepare, save money, accelerate vehicle turnover, reduce transportation costs;

- From transport restrictions journey distance and transport vehicle residence time, can ensure cargo security service.

insulation railway vechile

BSY BSY-type Insulation Railway Wagon type four chillers board insulation EMU is a new dedicated transport perishable goods vehicles, by three cargo trucks and vehicles with a crew compartment components. EMU using ground refrigeration equipment cooling, to the top of the container car filled coolant (ie frozen plate), "filling cold", so called freeze-board Insulation Railway Wagon. There are 14 cars per cargo refrigeration plates, when the interior temperature is kept below -180 ℃, continuous operation 100h. The car also has a thermostat board, the interior temperature can range from -12 ℃ ~ + 5 ℃ regulation. 


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