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The so-called gondola means having an end wall, sidewalls, floor and no roof, Open railway wagon, mainly for transporting coal, ore, mine construction materials, wood, steel and other bulk cargo use, little weight can also be used to transport machinery did not prepare. If the shipment on the Mongolian cover waterproof canvas or other material after awnings can replace fear rain boxcar cargo carrier. So gondola has great versatility, the largest number in the van composition, the whole way there are currently about 300,000 gondola, accounting for over 50% of the total truck. Universal main gondola have C50, C65, C62, C62A, C61 and so on. Gondola by way of discharge can be divided into two categories: - class is a generic gondola for manual or mechanical handling operations; the other is for large industrial and mining enterprises, stations, docks into a row between fixed grouping transportation, with dumper unloading the gondola.

China Railway in the early 1950s, China's own design riveted structure, type C1 gondola load of 30t, and later also created a number of similar structure and type C1, C6 40t load type.

1952 on the basis of the C1-type design load 50t of C50 gondola car, from the 1953 trial production has been produced to 1976. In 1958, the design and production of a load of 60t of C60 type. 1959, at the conclusion on the basis of type C60 C13 type design. 1965 C65 type design, 1966 into mass production. In the meantime, on the basis of the C62-type design C62M gondola, and mass production. 1979, in order to save the timber, but also on the basis of C62M designed load 60t, volume 71.6m3, construction speed of 100km / h in steel C62A gondola. C62A biggest feature is the use of a rolling bearing wheel right, increase the operating speed. After 1984, instead of weathering steel welded structure, renamed C62A (N) gondola.

Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway in 1988 after the first phase of the project opened, specializes in the manufacture of automatic unloading dumper can be applied to a C63 gondola car, after improvement, stereotyped as C63A type. And the design and manufacture of CX1 and CX2 gondola for heavy-duty low-power role in the transport of large gondola. Have adopted these types of gondola coupler can be rotated, after entering the dumper, the trunk can be rotated 180 degrees and automatically remove coal. In 1998, the design and manufacture of load 76t, effective volume of C76C type steel tub dedicated gondola 82m3 of coal; cooperation with the United States developed a special aluminum tub coal gondola. 1999 in order to meet the transport needs of coke, design and manufacture of the C64A dedicated gondola, load, though still 60t, but the volume increased to 91.3m3, vehicle length 13.948m, making it more suitable for long given the size of the shipment of goods and less dense goods. In the C64-type, based on the design and manufacture of C64JC type lengthened gondola. The car full length 13.948m, than the standard C64 gondola lengthened 510mm. Shippable coal, ore, building materials, machinery, equipment and containers, etc., can be shipped long length 12.8m less wood and steel, expanding the scope of application of the existing gondola. 

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