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Flat railway wagon is mainly used for transporting steel, wood, automobiles, machinery and equipment, such as volume or weight of a large cargo containers can be transported by means of other goods. flat railway wagon can adapt to defense needs, loading various military equipment. With movable wall panels flatcar also be used to ship ore, sand, gravel and other bulk grain cargo. Chinese railway flat railway wagons account for about 12% of the total truck. flat railway wagon because there is no fixed side and end walls, so the effect is completely borne by each beam chassis of the car vertical load and vertical load bearing structure is typical of the chassis. China to design and manufacture a variety of flat railway wagons, from the structure up points, mainly flat panels with movable type and type two, the main models N12, N60, N16 and N17, and other, load is 60t.

N series of flat railway wagon began production in 1950, such as the N1 type, in 1952 the production of a number of load 40t of N4-type flat railway wagon. N6-type load of 60t, chassis length of 12.5m. After N6 type improved, stereotyped as N60 type, 1955 production.

1956 began production N12-type flat railway wagon, truck 60t. Since 1966 began mass production N16-type flat railway wagon. The car is characterized by a bottom shelf laying 70mm thick wooden floor, the car has a steel welded at both ends of the movable end wall, to overcome the shortage of wood end plate strength weakness down after crossing the plate can be used for the operation of motor vehicles on their own loading and unloading.

1970, trial set design capacity greater weight, can ship heavier prestressed concrete bridge N17 type flat railway wagon. The models of the activities of a larger number of sidewall panels, the whole car a total of 12, you can make opening and closing lightweight. Sidewall panels using lock-iron type locking mechanism, it can be tightly closed in a vertical position, no shaking when down.

1998 manufactured NX17A type flat railway wagon - dual container flat railway wagon (also known as XN17A type) has retained the basic structure of the type of original N17A type flat railway wagons, but also to adapt to market demand, improve vehicle adaptability and utilization. At present, the car can be flat railway wagon, uniform loading 60 tons; but according container flat railway wagon, the shipping weight 30.48 tons a box or two boxes weight 24 tons or five boxes weighing 10 tons of containers.

Will continue to develop flat railway wagons - containers two vehicles, the phasing out of single-purpose flat railway wagons, optimizing both flat railway wagon - two car container structure, increasing the vehicle floor space, reduce vehicle weight factor, so load reached 65t. After studying the running speed, lateral forces affect the safe operation of containers and vehicles. Automatic locking locks, bamboo flooring used in flat railway wagon. 


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