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Covered railway wagon Freight railroad covered railway wagon is the generic vehicle for transporting fear the sun, rain, snow invasion of cargo, including cereal grains, household equipment and other industrial and precious. Part of the covered railway wagon can also transport people and horses. By the end of 2002, China's railway covered railway wagon has 91,835, accounting for 20% of the total truck.

Chinese old covered railway wagon all foreign goods, Make up to more than 80 species. Complex structure of these vehicles, the vast majority of 30t load capacity of a small car, it is not suited to the development needs of rail transport. From 1953 onwards China began manufacturing truck 50t, the volume of 100m3, all-steel body of the P50 type covered railway wagon, after improvements, became the main vehicle. P50-type addition to a variety of shipment from granular snow, Box and valuables, the interior also features bed care, light hook, chimney, etc., are available with delivery personnel; otherwise hitching ring, stopped Ma lever bracket and other equipment used for the shipment of horses. 1958 After the design and manufacture of load 60t, volume for the new P13 type covered railway wagon 120m3, with a light weight, load significant, solid structure, beautiful appearance and so on. To accommodate bulk cargo handling, the car has a hatch on the roof, sidewall angle has a discharge port under. And later produced and P13 is basically the same, but canceled the loading port covered railway wagon, modified for P60 type. In order to meet the requirements of mechanized cargo handling operations, in 1974 and mass production of the P61 type 3m wide door covered railway wagon, load 60t, volume 120m3.1980 design and manufacture of the P62 type covered railway wagon; after the 1990s produced the P63, P64, P64A type covered railway wagon. 1998 production P64A type covered railway wagon, weight 25t, load 75t, the effective volume of 82.3m3, vehicle length 13.938m; 1999 annual production of P64A type covered railway wagon, weight increased to 25.9t, load 58t, the effective volume of 135m3, car length to 16.438m.

It is worth mentioning that the P65 type parcels covered wagon, the car uses a large arc of the roof structure, the new structure of the new structure of the doors, PVC lining boards, new materials. Bogie with the introduction of U.S. technology transfer under the cross bracing K2 Bogie and our self-developed technology transfer support cross K1 Bogie. 10-inch brake system spinning sealed brake cylinder, high friction synthetic shoe and KZW-4G-type stepless adjustment means empty vehicle weight. The car volume 135 cubic meters, when the load 45 tons, running speed of 120 km; when the load 58 tons, operating speed of 100 km, the maximum test speed of 138 km.

In addition, the production of over P1, P3, P61 and P38 m rail covered railway wagon. 

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