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C64K open railway wagon is based transport truck loaded document [2001] No. 3 requirements developed. That
Car Figure No. QCH194D-00-00-000.
1 Purpose
The car suitable for running on standard gauge lines, shipping coal, ore, coke, building materials,
Machinery and equipment, wood and container cargo in bulk or cartons.
In addition to manual handling of the car to meet, but also to adapt dumper other mechanized unloading operations, and
Thawing library to adapt the requirements.
2 main structure
2.1 body
The car body is steel welded structure, the chassis, side walls, end walls, doors and other parts
2.1.1 Chassis
Chinese and side pillow, horizontal, side, a small group of steel floor beams and welded. The beam consists of two
310 B word root welded steel group, side sill is 240 × 80 × 9 channel; bolster, large beams
Steel plate welding structure, chassis capped 7mm thick weathering steel floor; used in line railroad
Requirements approved by the Ministry of forging body center plate diameter of 338mm and center plate wear plate mounted; press op installed
Trucks [2000] No. 34, transport truck mounted electric [2002] No. 104 provisions in the beam Telegraph
Automatic Train Identification System Installation truck vehicle tag.
2.1.2 Sidewall
Sidewall pillar structure for the board by the side sill, jambs, side panels, and even iron, bracing, jamb up
Strong side panels and seat and other groups within the column reinforcement welded. On the side of the beam with 140 × 116 × 6 cold-formed rectangular
Steel, hot-rolled cap jamb using cold-formed steel or 8mm thick steel cap. Even with the side sill jamb
Pick riveting.
2.1.3 The end wall
From the upper end wall beams, corner posts, bars and end plates welded peer group. Upper beams of
140 × 116 × 6 cold-formed rectangular steel tubes, welded corner post by a 140 × 58 × 6 channel steel and steel group together.
2.2 air brake system
Head of the use of the brake and the brake pressure to meet 500kPa 600kPa, mainly by
Approved by the improved transport truck mounted control valve 120 [1999] No. 357, diameter
Overall spinning 254mm sealed the brake cylinder, ST2-250 bidirectional automatic shoe clearance adjustment
Whole, in line with transport truck loaded [2002] No. 102 requirements KZW-4GA or TWG-1A
Empty automatic adjusting device, knuckle ball core plug doors, modular dust collector, aluminum pick
Header connectors and fittings braided brake hose assembly, in line with transport truck loaded file [2002] No. 11
The high coefficient of friction synthetic shoe, flange joints, Austria - Tony ductile iron round pin bushing and supporting peer group
Percent. Stainless steel fittings and pipe lines match the document transport truck loaded [2002] No. 248 requirements.
2.3 Hand brake
Used in line with transport truck loaded NSW type hand brake Document No. [2001] 2 requirements.
2.4 bogie
Adopted to meet the transport truck loaded [2001] No. 3 truck and transport equipment [2002] Figure 28 requirements
No. QCZ85F, QCZ86F of K2 bogie, which bolster, side frame material
To meet the transport truck loaded document [1999] No. 39 Class B requirements steel; using LZ50 steel car
Axis; wheels used in line TB/T2817 standard steel wheels or rollers HDSA type meets
TB/T1013 standards and transport equipment truck [2001] No. 85 stipulated HDZB type steel wheels,
Same car should be equipped with the same type of wheels; using SKF197726 type of rolling bearings; under cross
Fork strut device; regular contact roller beside inherited; bainite ductile iron wedge; forging support
Block; 47Mn2Si2TiB material chute, side frame column wear plates; comply transport truck loaded
[2003] No. 110 requires modular brake beam; comply shipped loaded trucks [2002] No. 28
Austrian parts required - Tony ductile iron bushings and supporting 45 steel round pin.
2.5 buffer device coupler
C grade steel material using 13 or 13A type acting on the coupler, in line with transport truck loaded
[2001] No. 286 requires the C grade steel material 13A Yokes; MT-3 type buffer
Device; comply electric transport truck loaded [2002] No. 104 alloy steel hook tail off Telegraph requirements. Yokes
Pallets, hook joists using nuts produced by TB/T3019-2001 BY-B type cargo or vehicles
[1998] 66 document approved production FS type locknuts, nuts strength meets GB/T3098.2
Standard 10. Supporting bolt strength meets GB/T3098.1-2000 standard 10.9,
Accuracy class according to GB/T9145-1988 standard 6g, the head should be "10.9" mark.

Performance parameters:
1, the main performance parameters
Load 61t
Weight ≤ 23t
Volume 73.3m3
Hematocrit 1.2m3 / t
Weight coefficient ≤ 0.377
21t axle load
Per meter weight ≤ 6.25t / m
      Commercial operating speed 120km / h
      The minimum curve radius of 145m by
      Full brake override 9.82
      All cars braking rate (common brake position) Empty 27.85%
Heavy vehicles 17.95%
      Bound: meet GB146.1-1983 "standard gauge railway locomotives
Vehicle gauge "requirements.
2, the basic dimensions
Vehicle length 13438mm
Vehicle fixed distance 8700mm
Maximum vehicle width 3242mm
Maximum vehicle height 3149mm
Car body length 12490mm
      On the side of the car body width 2890mm
      Even iron at (120 channel when used) 2784mm
(When using special steel) 2794mm
Car body 2051mm high
Floor surface high (empty) 1088mm
Coupler centerline height (empty) 880mm
Door hole size (width × height)
Hole in the side door 1620mm × 1900mm
Under ostium 1250mm × 954mm
Fixed wheelbase 1750mm
Wheel diameter 840mm

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