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Open top wagon

Gondola has an end , no roof sidewall trucks, mainly for transporting coal , ore, mine construction materials , wood, steel and other bulk cargo with , little weight can also be used to transport machinery and equipment . If the goods are shipped to blur the awning canvas or other waterproof material , the carrier may be afraid of rain instead of boxcar cargo . So gondola has great versatility, the largest number in the van composition ; more than about 50 % of the total truck . Gondola in different ways by unloading can be divided into two categories : one is suitable for manual or mechanical handling operations generic gondola ; the other is for large industrial and mining enterprises , stations, marshalling transport into columns between fixed terminals, with a dumper unloading gondola .

Box Railway car

Boxcar , side walls , end walls , floor and roof , on the sidewall of a truck doors and windows figure for transporting afraid of the sun , rain, snow and goods , including a variety of cereal grains , daily industrial equipment and other goods and valuables . Part of the boxcar can also transport personnel and horses. Many Chinese old boxcar type, load 30 t more for small cars . From 1953 onwards China began manufacturing truck 50 t, the volume of 101 m3, all-steel body of the P50 type boxcar . 1957 after the design and manufacture of the load 60 t, a volume of 120m3 of P13, P60, P61 type boxcar ; 1980 design and manufacture of the P62 type boxcar ; late 1990s produced a P63, P64, P70 type boxcar . P63 type boxcar load 60 t, the volume of 137 m3, the body is all steel welded structure, internal steel lined with wooden panels and wooden floors , except for the need to prevent rain, snow and transporting goods more expensive , it can also be used shipment of personnel and horses, and chariots length of 16.438 m, construction speed 100 km / h. Tanker Tanker

Tank Wagon

Tank car tank -shaped vehicle lanes for shipment of various liquids , liquefied gases and powdered goods, etc. . These goods include gasoline , crude oil, various viscous oil , vegetable oil, ammonia, alcohol, water , various chemical liquids , cement , lead oxide powder and the like. In rail transport tanker occupies a very important position , China can only produce 25 t truck in the early 1950s , the effective volume of the tank 30.5m3 only all-welded construction , and in 1953 designed and manufactured the load 50 t, the effective volume of 51m3 All-welded construction tankers, and later made ​​effective volume of 60 m3, load 52 t and the effective volume of 77m3, various tanker truck 63 t , the volume of the largest tank is the effective volume of liquefied gas tanker 110m3 , the tank was a fish -shaped . Tank for shipping liquid, gaseous or powder cargo vehicle normally horizontally disposed cylindrical longitudinal body , and a discharge means and the discharge into the hole , the valve and other ancillary device (Fig. 3 ) . Tank body has said loading volume scale . Old tank top with an air bag , an additional expansion of the container as a liquid , the new tanker is no air bag , leaving only when the load for the expansion of the use of volume . Tank is fully enclosed structure itself has sufficient strength and stiffness , so some parts of the new tanker canceled bolster inter- chassis , chassis tanker became no . This tanker lighter weight, but due to the load, mostly flammable or dangerous goods , in order to ensure transport safety , tank connection must have high reliability. With the use of different tankers , there are differences in the structure .

Sticky tanker : for loading crude oil, mineral oil , usually in the lower part of the outer laminated heating body set , when introduced into the steam for heating unloading goods , making it easy to remove from the discharge valve .

Light Tank : for shipping gasoline and other light liquid cargo , such tanker is no heating units, usually through the upper part of the goods into the hole and pumping pipes unloading relief valve , without going to avoid the risk of leakage .

Acid class tankers : various acids or bases for shipment of liquid cargo. Inside the tank there are generally corrosion resistant coating , or stainless steel. The lower part of the tank has a heating jacket , the upper set pumping tube .

LPG tanker : for shipping liquefied gases. 2 MPa tank can withstand the pressure of work , with a gas and liquid valve , the upper part sun shade . Powder goods tanker : for the shipment of bulk cement , flour and other powdered cargo. Tank is horizontal or vertical . When compressed air is introduced into the discharge chamber , so that cargo tank fluidized with air piped to the designated location .

Covered hopper railway car

Covered hopper car derived from the boxcar of a special truck for shipment in bulk Grains , fertilizer , cement , chemicals and other goods for fear of wet granular . The lower part of the body has a funnel , vertical sidewall , no windows and doors, the lower end of the wall inward sloping roof hatch there , there may be locking the lid on the mouth, funnel bottom door can be opened and closed manually or mechanically . Open the bottom door , cargo unloaded automatically by its own gravity .

Livestock vehicles

Vehicle car for shipping livestock livestock or poultry , the structure is similar to ordinary boxcar , but the side walls , end walls composed of fixed and movable grid can be adjusted to change the ventilation openings . Car 2 to 3 layers, and a place to rest and escorts utensils, between feed small and interconnected tanks . J6SQ, special vehicles for shipment of cars . Flatcar


Flat railway car

Flat car for shipping timber, steel, building materials and other long cargo and containers , machinery and equipment, such as trucks, only the floor and no side walls , end walls and roof . Some vehicles are equipped with high level of 0.5 to 0.8 m can recline the side and end plates , can be erected when needed , usually for shipment of some goods transported by the gondola . Grown goods vehicles for loading long, overweight and overrun goods , such as power transformers, generator stator and rotor , large machine tools , rolling mill arch, the synthesis reaction tower. Goods vehicles grew up tens to hundreds of tons deadweight . Distinguished by the structure are: grow flat car for a longer length of generally flat car multi-axis flat cars ; depressed center flat car , commonly known ingot car chassis at both ends lower than the central loading platform , can be loaded with a larger cross-sectional dimensions of the goods ; reconnection flat car by two or more flat cars or multi- level car reconnection from both ends flat car set rotatable pillow saddle , used for shipping goods long self-supporting ; hole car on its loading platform openings , so that some parts of the cargo floor can fall below the surface , which can be loaded with a larger cargo ; clamp vehicles and goods through its ears and the lower part of the pin , with the upper part of the front and rear clamp support coupled to the corresponding parts of the beam , then the cargo itself becomes an integral part of the vehicle 's load , no load , the two clamp beams can be connected to each other ; bogie often take the form of multi-axis , multi-axis even a few bogies with bridge join together to form a combination of the bogie to support the body .

Piggyback flat car and container flat cars : some countries on the basis of the railway car trailer and container transport on a wide range of development , in order to reduce transportation costs, to compete with road transport and the development of special flat car , used car trailer or shipping semi-trailer and container . This vehicle uses articulated structure, adjacent to the car side to share a two -axle truck in order to reduce vehicle weight ; using small-diameter wheels , minimizing the height of the loading platform to accommodate a large semi- trailer or container volume and weight than light characteristics. Piggyback flat car with a trailer stand, the parking can be tipped to the site with a tractor -trailer pulled even be hung flat car, or by a flat car pulled up on the platform .

Car flat car : the developed rail transport cars and developed a special flat car . The body is divided into 2 to 3 layers . Often using small-diameter wheels make flat car to get a larger loading height . With a springboard for their own cars up and down the flat car . BaoWenChe BaoWenChe


Insulation car , also known as refrigerated trucks , used to transport perishable goods . Boxcar -like shape , insulation materials installed over the whole body , there can be sealed on the outside door open sidewalls . The car has cooling system that allows the car to maintain a low temperature required ; some cars there is a heating device , in the cold season can remain above the temperature inside the car outside the car . By cooling the different ways there are different types of insulation car .

Refrigerator car : the use of a mixture of salt melts ice absorbs heat to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle . Old refrigerator car refrigerator located in the ends of the body , the interior temperature uniformity is not enough, therefore, requires additional forced ventilation. Appears later roof type refrigerator , refrigerator distributed in the roof longitudinal direction , the temperature distribution inside the vehicle can be improved , but there are a high center of gravity of the vehicle , need regular cleaning refrigerator ice salt and difficult disadvantages. Refrigerator car is also required to set the ice on the ground station network , some countries have not adopted . China also stopped in 2000 after the production, alternative boxcar used for green transport .

Mechanical refrigerator car : the use of liquid refrigerant evaporates , absorbing heat inside , and then compressed to a liquid vapor through the condenser heat to outside the vehicle body , and so on , to achieve the purpose of cooling . Common refrigerants ammonia , freon , etc. F12 . Compared with the refrigerator car , you can get a lower mechanical refrigerator car and a more uniform temperature inside the vehicle , and the temperature can be adjusted automatically . Mechanical refrigerator car car group and single types. China Railway mechanical refrigerator car group are: 23 formula ( including 20 cargo vehicle , a diesel generator car , a car and a mechanical refrigeration crew vehicles ) and 12 type ( including 10 cargo vehicle , a band crew compartment diesel power cars and a refrigeration machinery vehicles ) , powered by a generator car , car cooling concentrated ammonia as refrigerant cooling , and brine in mechanical vehicles and cargo as a refrigerant cycle shop . Additionally, there are 10 , 9 and 5 type, vehicle group, only one crew compartment with diesel power cars, freight cars for the rest of centralized power supply , power generation car, and each section for goods vehicles to Freon refrigeration F12 refrigeration refrigeration equipment alone . EMU multi-section refrigerated cargo shipments only large enough, its load can be fully utilized, and thus its composition toward the development of a smaller number of sections . Single mechanical refrigerated trucks to generate electricity , refrigeration, between cargo and control equipment located in the same section of the car, can be used alone , can also be compiled into EMU , but also can achieve automatic control unattended , thus growing rapidly . No cold source refrigerated trucks : the car is just a car body without any refrigeration or insulated heating device . China Railway The newly developed cold plate refrigerated truck that is such a case. Has a rectangular box-like container ─ ─ freezing cold plate refrigerated vehicles on board the roof , built low grain communion solution , relying on the ground so that the refrigeration unit was frozen. Usually once a fortune sufficient refrigeration needs . The solution can be reused car , no added along the way , it is possible to save transport time . No cold source refrigerated trucks to get more and more applications in the railway some countries.

In addition, with dry ice ( solid carbon dioxide ) , liquid carbon dioxide , liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant refrigerator car .


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