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Brief Introduction of Railway wagon

Cargo transport is an important part of rail transport, the vehicle for the carriage of goods on the railway referred to as railway wagons. According to their different uses, can be divided into genera railway wagonsl and special railway trucks.

1. Brief Introduction

Cargo transport is an important part of the railway transport up to 20 million tons. These goods are always on the move, you need a railway vehicle to shipment. So we put on the vehicle for the carriage of goods referred to as railway wagons.
Their use of different railway wagons, trucks can be divided into general and special vehicles.
GM trucks are shipping general cargo vehicles, many types of goods is not fixed, and no special requirements. Railway wagons account for a larger proportion of those vans, generally gondola, flat cars, boxcars, insulation and other types of trucks and tankers.
Dedicated truck generally refers only one or very few vehicles transporting several goods. Uses relatively simple, mostly common truck-style manufacturing, requires a vehicle loaded with cargo weight or dimensions more unified. Sometimes the way they operate on the railway is also quite special, such as fixed grouping, the train is running. Special trucks are generally container trucks, cargo vehicles grew, drug vehicles, livestock trucks, cement trucks, food trucks and vehicles and ore cars.

2. Situation of the Railway wagon Delivery

With the continued rapid growth of the national economy, a serious shortage of rail capacity constraint to economic development has become a "bottleneck ." How to relieve tension and to ensure transport safety truck use , has been a major issue in the railway sector thinking . Enterprises owned car 110,000 . Most truck load is 60t, each column freight train load of about 4000t, 5000t some areas open line of heavy-duty single train , Datong-Qinhuangdao line has opened the line 20000t combined train ; truck running speed is generally 80km / h or less , there Package Express train speeds up to 120km / h in ; truck axle load 21t; trucks are the main varieties gondola , flat car , boxcar , tanker trucks as well as some special .

Overloaded truck speed is to improve China's railway cargo transport capacity to meet the rapid development of national economy, an important measure , is an important component part of China's railway equipment leapfrog development strategy and technology modernization. In accordance with the requirements of railway freight transport , in 2006 launched a 70t class generic gondola , flat car , boxcar dedicated coal trucks , 100t truck .
By the end of 2002, China Railway freight train has 459,017 , the national railway has 446,707 , has a 9894 joint-venture railways , local railways have 2416 . At the national railway more than 440,000 vehicles , there are 91,835 boxcar , gondola 257,642 , flat car 28028 , 39258 tanker , cars insulation 7711 , drug car 1956 , 20,277 other cars .

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