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railway vehicle mark is indicated on a certain position on the rail railway vehicle to indicate ownership, type, number, basic performance, attachment and use precautions symbols.

To meet the use, maintenance, management, need to count on each rail railway vehicles should have the People's Republic of China National Standard (GB 7703.1-87) various markers "railway railway vehicle mark" in the regulations. "Railway railway vehicle marked" Applies to People's Republic of China Ministry of Railways on the Chinese-owned railway vehicles and the use of industrial and mining enterprises owned railway marshalling railway railway vehicles and local railway railway vehicles.
Hui People's Republic of China People's Republic of China Railway railroad property licensing

railway vehicle tag into common tags and special tags.

Some foreign rail road marking railway vehicle emblem mark, where the Chinese Ministry of Railways should hear the case of trucks hit the road emblem painted mark. Hui said the people of the upper part of the road, the lower part of the rail section of the graphics, on behalf of the railway, with a total of meaning for the people of railway, road marking emblem graphics and size should meet the standards specified in the Ministry of Railways. Truck side rails should also be installed with two or three road logo mark metal property licensing. Where participation in international passenger transport should be painted on both sides of the body to fight the national emblem. Railway various countries and regions in the world, and even a railroad company, generally painted on their railway vehicle hit the road itself emblem.
railway vehicle attachment flag is marked indicating that the railway vehicle attachment relationship. China Railway requiring all passenger cars and some trucks were attachment to the Railway Bureau and its affiliated Depot responsible for the management, use and maintenance, and painted in the car hit by the attachment of the Railway Bureau, referred to as segments. Such as "Beijing bureau of Beijing segment," said the Beijing Railway Bureau Beijing Depot.

railway vehicle Maintenance mark, based on the periodic use of a railway vehicle traveling kilometers years or carried overhaul tag. Factory, depot repair markers, such as:

75-10 74.10 Jing Feng
78-10 73.10 Ha Factory

Mark the line for factory repair, repair tag line for the segment left for the next factory, depot repair years right oriented sub-factory, depot repair facilities repair units and years.

Minor and shaft inspection mark, such as:



Top right grid oriented sub overhaul and assume the second day of the short overhaul depot and seized by the column, left Georgia for the next scheduled overhaul of the month May, following two frames left to fill in the next overhaul.

     railway vehicle location mark is a front end of the railway vehicle location and name tags for the same name parts, easy to install and maintenance-related parts and so on. China's railway regulations on passenger and cargo launch railway vehicle brake cylinder piston rod in the direction of the first one, the other end of the second. Hand brake are mounted on the first one. Axles of the railway vehicle. Location wheels, axle boxes, couplers, bogies and other parts are played by the first number of the car side, the number of the second car along the side (Figure 3.3_04 railway vehicle location mark).

Mark is a mark of railway vehicle performance passenger railway vehicle performance and structural dimensions. Marked on both sides of the body are usually trucks, buses are marked on both ends of the body. The main contents are:

railway vehicle load: maximum permissible laden weight of railway vehicles, except passenger load of passengers, baggage, will also include the weight of the entire spare parts and crew members, in order t for units of measurement.

railway vehicle weight: the weight of the railway vehicle itself, to t for units of measurement.
railway vehicle volume: internal truck can accommodate the volume of goods to m3 for units of measurement.
railway vehicle Capacity: the seat or berth calculations.
railway vehicle length: the inside of the railway vehicle at both ends of the coupler knuckle distance, in m.
railway vehicle-for-length: the length of the railway vehicle conversion mark. When the coupler is in the locked position, between the two ends of the railway vehicle from the side coupler knuckle obtained by dividing the value of m (in m) 11, in terms of the length of the value for the railway vehicle.

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