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Railway car Bogie

Running gear is part of the railway wagons under the effect of traction power running along the road. Take action to ensure that the railway vehicle is running gear flexible, secure and running smoothly along the rail through the curve; reliably withstand the forces acting on the railway vehicle and passed to the rail; mitigate the impact of each railway vehicle and rail to reduce railway vehicle vibration, enough to ensure the smooth running and good quality of the operation; reliable braking mechanism, so that the railway vehicle has a good braking effect.

Early development of railway railway vehicles, the load is small, the volume is not large, running gear is very simple, the general structure of two-axis drive, axle mounted directly beneath the body, known as non-bogie railway vehicles. With the railway vehicle load increases, and more generally in the form of the structure of the bogie. And two or more bogie wheels is an integral part of the composition through a special member.

Schematic diagram of the basic structure of Bogie railway vehicles due to different uses, operating conditions, manufacturing and overhaul capabilities and other factors, many types of bogie structure varies. Mainly by the general bogie wheel right, side frames and bolsters crankcase oil lubrication device, a spring damping device, consisting of foundation brakes.
Consists of a wheel axle and two pressure wheels fitted integrally, in the railway vehicle during operation, do not allow the axle between the wheel and the relative displacement. Wheel bear the full weight of the railway vehicle, and in the high-speed track runtime also suffer from the body, both coming from the other rail various forces. Direct impact on the quality of the wheel on the safe operation of the train, so its manufacture, maintenance requirements are strict. According wheel axle bearings on the type, can be divided into rolling bearing axles and axle bearings. The wheels of the structure, shape, size, material is varied. Their use can be divided into passenger cars, trucks used, locomotive wheels, divided according to the structure as a whole wheel and tire wheel. Tire wheel spokes can be divided into steel wheel center, rolling steel spokes and cast steel wheel center wheel center wheel spokes. Material can be divided according to their overall wheel rolling steel wheels, steel wheels. To reduce noise, reducing unsprung mass, abroad, elastic wheels, silencer wheels, wheels and other new wrinkle wheel spokes. Whatever the form of part of a wheel, the rail is in direct contact with the main surface of the rim and the tread. The inner side of the wheel rim is a projection portion which is to guide the direction of action of the wheels, the wheels to prevent derailment. Is the wheel tread and the contact surface of the rail head. In the tread surface has a 1:20 slope, make the center of gravity of the railway vehicle center line falls on the line in order to overcome and mitigate the snaking movement of the railway vehicle, and smoothly through curves.

Bolster side frame and is part of the bogie, bogie side frame of the various components together to form a whole. It's both ends of the axle box guide box to install crankcase. Central has a side frame spring cap, spring damping device is installed in place. Bolster the heart along with the next disc, one side bearing box cast its bearing on both ends of the spring. Body weight and load to pass through the heart pillow springs on both sides of the disc by Bolster, and through the two side frames Bolster link.

Crankcase oil lubrication device is important to ensure the safe operation of the railway vehicle parts. Its role is to wheel and side frame or framework linked to the conversion of the wheel rolling along the rails of the railway vehicle along the road translational; withstand the weight of the railway vehicle, passing all aspects of the force, and to ensure good lubrication properties, hot axle shaft so that the phenomenon will not occur at high speeds. Axle box device according to the working characteristics of the bearing axle box device into Rolling and plain bearings axle box device. Rolling can reduce the resistance movement, for high-speed operation, is one of the important measures of railway railway vehicle technology modernization. Sliding bearing axle boxes due to the large start-up resistance, not suitable for high-speed operation, high maintenance costs, winter and summer, the need to replace the shaft oil and prone to heat-axis, it is gradually being replaced by Rolling enamel boxes.

Spring damping device is a railway vehicle to reduce harmful impulses and vibration attenuation devices. Spring damping device on the railway vehicle used, its main role is different in general can be divided into three categories: one is the main moderating impulse spring device, such as a spiral round the central and axle box spring; II is mainly from the vibration attenuation the damping means such as vertical and lateral shock absorber; positioning from the three major (elastic constraint) acting positioning means, such as a pair of vertical wheel axle box, the elastic positioning means the horizontal direction, a buffer station or lateral shaking longitudinal traction rod and so on.

206KP type Bogie basis by the brake cylinder piston brake shoe and even among a series of push rod lever, rod, brake beams and other transmission section, whose role is to thrust brake cylinder piston increases several times after each shoe evenly passed, so pressing the wheel while braking effect.

To accommodate the increased load and speed increase, the Chinese railway on the one hand by the introduction of digestion and absorption of technology, research and development of CW series bogie; hand through technological upgrading of domestic 206 type bogie, welding technology from abroad, forming the SW series bogie. These two bogies through the use of assessment and several technical improvements, is now beginning to mature, to become China's main railway speed passenger type bogie.




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