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Railway car chassis

railway car chassis is from a variety of vertical and horizontal steel beams composed of a rectangular frame. Supporting a body which is the basis of the vehicle body. railway car chassis to withstand the full weight of the upper body and the load, and through the upper and lower heart weight plate will pass running gear. In the train is running, it withstand the impact of locomotive traction and a variety of train operation and other external forces caused. Therefore, it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to durable.

railway car chassis

Freight railway car chassis trucks railway car chassis generally Central beams, side sills, bolster, beams, side beams and floor beams and other components. Located in the center of the beam chassis is the foundation of the entire chassis and the main force bar. The ends of the beam is installed local buffer coupler device directly to longitudinal forces. Bolster the local truck chassis and connected at the lower bolster provided on the side bearing and body center plate, respectively, and Bogie pillow under the lower side bearing and center plate relative. It is a larger force, the burden of the weight of the whole railway car, and drive through the heart of the weight of the pass running gear. Tanker truck chassis structure and other somewhat different, because the tank itself has great rigidity, so the weight of the tank liquid is mainly borne by the tank, and then spread through the bracket and bolster bogie, so tanker chassis the main level of the longitudinal traction to withstand impact. Tanker beams made ​​by the two channels, the central portion of the cover has a cover plate is welded under saddle tank on the cover; bolster box-shaped cross-section, fitted tank top bracket by fin-shaped plate welded to the bolster, so as to support the tank. Passenger railway car chassis

passenger railway car chassis

Passenger railway car and truck chassis structure is similar to the chassis. However, since both ends of the bus must be set by the station, so it's trabecular extend beyond the end of the beam, and the beam through the station side, the side beams composed by bench. Prior to the adoption station side beams, then device bumper beam. 




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