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INDEX >> NEWS >> Basic Structure of Railway Vechile - Part One

Although the type of railway vehicle and more construction was largely the same. It should be said that the standardization of the credit, but also the large-scale production needs of the pipeline. In recent years, with the development of society, technological advances and changes in demand, the shape of railway railway vehicles began to change, especially in passenger cars is no longer exclusively the old faces. But their basic structure and no major changes, just specific parts have a more scientific and advanced structural design.

structure of railway vehicle

In general, the basic structure of the railway vehicle by railway vehicle, railway vehicle chassis, running gear, five major components and brake coupler buffer device.

Railway vechile Body

The general structure of the railway vehicle body is a schematic diagram for reference load cargo or passenger vehicle parts, and is the basis for other components of the installation and connection of the vehicle. Early vehicle body mostly wooden structure, supplemented by steel rods, etc. to strengthen the bow. Modern body with steel or light metal structure based.

The main part of the truck body including side walls (wall), the end wall (wall), roof and so on. Steel body is composed of many longitudinal beams and transverse beams (column), with the vehicle chassis by the bogie center plate or side bearing support. Steel body to bear weight, load, Kerb weight and vertical dynamic load due to wheel-rail shock and vibration generated by the spring; trains start, variable speed, up and down ramps, resulting in traction between the vehicle and the impact force of the compression longitudinal load; well, including wind, centrifugal force, pressure on the sidewalls of the cargo and other lateral loads.

Passenger vehicle for all-metal welded construction, welded chassis, side walls, roof and side walls made ​​of four parts. Welded steel skeleton on the outside with a metal floor. Side wall panels, roof panels and side panels to form a rectangle with an upper closed housing for the lower arc, commonly known as thin-walled tubular structure of the body. In addition to the inner surface of the casing with vertical bars and horizontal beams, columns strengthened, but also the use of wallboard beading way to replace part of the rod to enhance the strength and stiffness of the structure, form an overall co-hosted buried structures. Passenger vehicle must have good insulation properties. For guests to easily get on and off at both ends coach has passed Taiwan and set up by the outer end of the station and crossing the plate folding roof to prevent wind and rain and cold air intrusion. In addition to the car body set up doors and windows, seat and sleeper, the need to install sanitary facilities, ventilation, water supply equipment, automotive electrical equipment, heating equipment, broadcasting systems and air-conditioning devices. 

railway vechile body

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