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With large-scale Chinese railway construction, CLIMA adhere to independent innovation, the connotation of expanded reproduction development, independently developed a large number of new railway wagons upgrading products. In 2009, the plant's "C70-purpose gondola Development and Application" "P70 Universal boxcar Development and Application," and "D32 type 320 tons -350 tons of cargo vehicles combined grew" three project won the 2008 China Railway Society Science and Technology Award, highlighting the country's largest railway wagons as design and manufacturing enterprises and export base of Qi rail equipment company to independent innovation leader in truck manufacturing presence.
c70 open top railway wagon
Chinese railway wagons three times larger upgrading the past five years China's most typical rail freight meaningful four events, Qi track equipment companies involved and make a positive contribution and proud. With its unique advantages, Qi track equipment company is continuing toward "seize the commanding heights of the world's railway wagon technology, advance manufacturing the world's top three railway wagons" goal.

In China railway wagons in three major upgrading, Qi track equipment company has played a leading role in technology. First, in 1956 ~ 1957, New China's first self-designed rail car truck --P13 type boxcar in Qiqihar birth and load 30-ton truck halted in China, marking the Chinese railway wagons achieved by the 30-ton truck to 50-ton first upgrade. Second, in 1976 ~ 1978, load 60 tons of C62A-purpose steel gondola in Qiqihar successfully developed and load 50 ton truck halted in China, marking the Chinese railway wagons to achieve a load of 50 tons to 60 tons, material from mixed wood replacement to upgrade the second full steel structure. Third, the 2005 ~ 2006, 70-ton truck C70 Universal gondola in Qiqihar successfully developed and put into operation the first to offline and load 60 ton truck halted in China, marking the Chinese railway wagons achieved by the 60-ton truck to 70 ton per hour from 70 km ~ 80 km to 120 km upgraded third generation.
p70 covered railway wagon
  Learn the history of Chinese railway wagons development, especially in recent years, China's railway industry insiders familiar with the big truck technology leap for each event will remember the profound development of Chinese railway wagons, especially for railway wagons 3rd upgrade process, the most typical 4 things significance is unforgettable.

2004 - December 12, Datong-Qinhuangdao line 20,000 tons heavy load successfully tested by a combination of train 204 C80 gondola form, creating a new era of China's railway transport overloaded, making China Railway Transportation Technology overloaded step to step onto the world advanced ranks.

- 2006 January 1, load 60 tons of railway wagons stop production, the national railway wagon manufacturing companies begin full production of the new truck load of 70 tons, marking the Chinese railway wagons achieved by the load 60 tons to 70 tons level, speed of ~ 80 km by 70 km to upgrade 120 km of the third generation.

- 2008 December 30th, both state-owned railway 120 km per hour speed truck renovation project completed, the end of our railway wagons running at 70 kilometers per hour long hovered ~ 80 km of history, opened a Chinese railway wagons full speed of new chapter.
D32 special flat railway wagon
- 2004 ~ 2008, axle load 30 tons, 32.43 tons, 35.7 tons, 40 tons of export trucks have been successfully developed, and bulk into Australia and other developed markets, show the world the comprehensive strength of China railway wagon manufacturing.

The past five years, the Chinese railway wagons has made brilliant achievements, is the result of a harmonious railway construction, is the crystallization of the joint efforts of relevant departments of the Ministry of Railways, is the leading enterprise of Chinese railway truck design, manufacturing enterprises and export base --- China CNR proud Qiqihar rail transportation equipment limited liability company.

Qi rail equipment company not only to reach a core technology in the truck leading domestic and international advanced level, and production operations also increased year after year, to a new level in recent years continuously, especially in 2008, the number of companies producing trucks broke through the million mark, create a 5 billion yuan sales revenue record.

In "Tracking developments in the world of railway trucks, railway wagons to lead the development direction of China," the responsibility of Qi rail equipment company, under the leadership of the Ministry of Railways, China's leading railway wagon manufacturing railway wagons step onto the world's advanced technologies and new platforms. They stood on a new starting point to determine the manufacturing railway wagons 2020 to become the world's top three goals.

Qi rail equipment company to develop this strategic objective, based on the following three aspects huge advantage.

- A good foundation for the development. After several generations of hard work, especially after nearly five years of rapid development, China's railway wagons technology and scale has reached the world advanced level, into the ranks of world-class, world railway truck industry has gradually aligned rail equipment the company's voice and the voice of the Chinese people. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Railways to implement a centralized management system truck technology and orderly market competition mechanism, and fully reflects the focus of the socialist system itself has the great advantage of doing big things, to accelerate railway wagons new technology, new product development and rapid overall promotion laid an important foundation. Since the founding of New China, Qi rail equipment company developed the nine categories of more than 260 kinds of new products, railway wagons, railway wagon has been leading Chinese technology development, the company accumulated nearly 300,000 manufacturing railway wagons, the domestic market share has been in absolute leadership, products exported to over 20 countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and so on. All this constitutes a good basis for development.

- Has a rare opportunity for development. Sustained steady and rapid development momentum of China's economy and China's railway lines less special road transport capacity shortage situation, so that together track equipment company has huge development stage and broad space for development. Now, China's railway traffic density and transport intensity has been ranked first in the world, "Railway runs passenger mix, efficient turnaround" feature is very obvious, which makes the practice that we can not copy the United States, Europe and other countries, we must take the railway with Chinese characteristics trucks independent innovation. China's high-speed rail passenger line network initially built and large capacity cargo channel formation in 2012, for railway wagons and will certainly make new demands. These special demand undoubtedly Qi rail equipment company has a rare opportunity for development.

- Contains strong development momentum. December 2008, China North Vehicle Group held its second congress, identified China CNR "three-step" development strategy, namely 2011 sales revenue to double, and nurture 2 ~ 3 billion subsidiaries, 2020 to become a world-class rail transportation equipment industry enterprises. As CNR railway wagons backbone enterprises and leading enterprises, Sarkozy should set an example in rail equipment company CNR achieve "three-step" development strategy goals, to lead the development. Compared with the world's top three companies railway wagons, rail equipment company together favorably on the technical level, the main difference in the annual production. 2008, Qi rail equipment company hit a record high annual super cars. The next period, Qi track equipment company in the existing "Four Provinces" basis, through the integration of resources, optimization potential, scale expansion and other initiatives, the company continues to expand production and supply capacity.

Axle load 23 tons, 70 tons load, speed of 120 km, grouping 5,000 tons to 10,000 tons, the "four technical indicators" Sync upgrade and organic integration, Sarkozy track equipment company leading the development of the 70-ton GM truck adapted China Railway "mixed passenger and freight run, efficient turnaround, safe and reliable" requirements, marking China's railway GM truck load to achieve the bicycle from 60 to 70 ton-ton historic leap. Speed ​​railway wagons, heavy simultaneously, with Chinese characteristics, in the history of railway development is the first in the world

Development of C70 and P70 ​​Universal Universal gondola boxcar of epoch-making milestone.

"Fifth" period, China's railway wagons maintain about 530,000, most of axle load 21 tons, load 60 tons to 61 tons, 70 kilometers per hour to 80 kilometers, marshalling 3500 tons to 4000 tons of various types of trucks. 2003 ~ 2004 Railway statistical results showed that: the number of user requests a day loading up to 300,000, but the number of loading rail every day to provide about 100,000 vehicles, railway transport capacity can only meet the actual demand-thirds of the community a freight rate in 2003 to meet the needs of 51.5% has dropped to 35%.
China's railway has a "mixed passenger and freight run, efficient turnaround" two remarkable characteristics, determines the developed countries can not copy our railway development mode, you must adhere to independent innovation and introduction of advanced technology, the Way of Expanding reproduction technology development road , independent development with Chinese characteristics, speed, overloading of both the new railway wagons. To this end, Sarkozy rail equipment company in accordance with the principles of "advanced, mature, reliable, economical and suitable" technology policy and "standardization, serialization, modular, information technology", the use of advanced lightweight body design concept, based on independent innovation, and summarizes the major developments the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and other countries in the successful experience of the national railway wagons overloaded and Germany, France and other major developing light trucks, the application of CAD / CAE, reliability analysis and design methods of modern design techniques , developed the C70 Universal gondola. The car axle load 23 tons, 70 tons load, speed of 120 km, grouping 5,000 tons to 10,000 tons, to achieve the "four technical indicators," the synchronous lifting and organic integration, adapted to the Chinese railway "mixed passenger and freight run, efficient turnover, safety reliable "requirements, to meet the rail freight speed, heavy-duty needs, out of the way of a self-innovation. The successful development of the car, marking China's railway GM truck load to achieve the bicycle from 60 to 70 ton-ton historic leap.

Technological innovation C70 Universal gondola as: supporting the development of innovative cross-device elastic coupling new structure, the fatigue life of the cross bar from 1.2 million km to 500 million km, achieved the goal frame with a pillow and other life; tackled axis box reliable positioning technology problems, to solve the side frame guide frame and bearing wear saddle inertial mass issue and realize the side frame and bearing saddle no wear. Both technologies have reached the world advanced level, and get two patents. The coupler uses a slow system for the first time forged coupler yoke, to solve the tail box crack, break use problems. The car uses a 17-type chain coupler to solve the chronic problem of automatic train separation. Bolster car, side frame with a B + overall core steel casting new technology to solve the pillow inertial frame crack fault. The car braking system in accordance with the "design standardization, process standardization, manufacturing commercialization achieve interchangeable parts" and "three of a swap" principle, using a modular assembly of new technology braking system to improve the braking system operational reliability, these two new techniques have reached the world advanced level. The researchers in the development of the application of C70-purpose vehicle structure gondola reliability design theory and lightweight body design, complete theoretical analysis and experimental research to improve the reliability of the vehicle vertical load capacity and structural fatigue, breaking the traditional design concept truck , optimizing the body structure type, improve body stress state. The researchers used whole bearing structure design, lightweight body design breakthrough in key technologies to solve the most important technologies of the overall design of the project

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